Richard Wayne

Richard Wayne - Premiere Deejay and Emcee

Richard Wayne was introduced to turntables in 1999.  Immediately drawn to the music and DJ life, Richard began teaching himself how to DJ.  Countless hours would consume Richard’s time as he perfected his skills behind the decks.

After learning the art of mixing, now it was time for Richard to get out and start performing.  His first show brought him to a place called the Tornado Club in Fort Collins, Colorado.  Playing an amazing trance set mixed with breakbeats brought the crowd from the larger room into the area he was performing.  Soon the crowd would lead Richard to testing his abilities.  You see, as a performer, when the crowd gives you positive feedback and high energy, one will let the performance take over and attempt things never done.  Eyes were drawn to the turntables as Richard began mixing 3 records at the same time, knowing where each changed and truly putting his own “style” to the performance.

As time would continue Richard found himself flying to Florida every summer to perform with his DJ mentor, John Devlin.  John would take Richard up and down the coast of Florida….from Tallahassee to Miami Beach.  It was here that Richard truly expanded his knowledge of music and the art of turntablism.  With the guidance of a seasoned DJ, the possibilities were endless.

That is when Richard began realizing that he could make a career out of playing music for people.  DJing at shows to a more “mass appeal” audience became essential.  It’s a good thing that Richard’s love of music extends to all genres.  Now he would begin teaching himself how to mix hip-hop.  This entailed learning how to scratch, juggle beats, and mix quicker than he was used to when mixing electronic music.  Combine that with his great personality and a new type of performer was born.

Richard began working for Jammin DJ’s in 2003, 2 years before moving to Southern California.  He began running trivia shows at many venues throughout Colorado.  Building the energy with great music and a positive presence on the microphone made each trivia show unique.  Richard found his niche.

Now it was time to bring all the skills from Colorado to the west coast.  Richard moved to Huntington Beach in 2005 and upon arrival immediately gained residency at one of the top spots in Huntington Beach, Killarney’s Pub & Grille.  Becoming a local favorite at Killarney’s led to Richard performing at many different locations in Huntington Beach such as Hurricane’s Bar & Grille, Blackbull Chophouse, Tuna Town, Longboards, and Sharkeez to name a few.

Richard began to DJ at weddings soon after his arrival to Southern California.  Trained by one of the announcers for the then Mighty Ducks of Anaheim, Richard was able to make a great transition to DJing more formal functions.  Since then, weddings have become one of Richard’s favorite types of events to perform.  Something about being a part of a couple’s most coveted days makes Richard smile.

If you are looking for a professional, fun, and experienced DJ and Emcee, Richard is a top choice.  Referred by many of the most exclusive venues in Southern California, Richard will continue to provide impeccable DJ services for Weddings, Birthday’s, Anniversaries, Corporate Functions, and any event you need music and entertainment!

Be sure to view some of amazing video projects and music samples.  You will definitely enjoy!

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